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SL-301 Sleeve Labeling Machine

  SL-301 Sleeve Labeling Machine  
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SL-301 Standard Sleeve Labeling Machine

Our shrink-sleeve label series use the newest shrink technology with large control touch screen. The humanize operation, the mainframe can be easy adjusted up and down with automatically. The machine has been accurately designed, even use this machine with high speed for a long time, machine running is still very stable and smoothly.
We have many models with all kind of speed selection from 150/minute to 550/minute and is suitable for wide range, it can be modified according to the package's shape. We always can meet your all kind of requirement no matter it is for cap or bottle. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food industries, health-food, medicine, juice, milk, drink...etc.


• Elegant appearance, compact structure, and optimal operation.
• Unique reciprocating blade features optimal rigidity, motion with durable blades.
• Simplified guiding holder positioning features convenient change.
• MMI have operator easily understand the way to operate.
• Innovative machine structure design ensures excellent durability. Unmatched structural quality.
• Simplified machine structure minimizes the possibility of trouble and it is easy to maintain.
• Various high performance equipment at reasonable price for value-added operations.


• Machine:
Dimension  (L)935mm X (W)960mm X (H)2030mm
Weight  500kg
Power  AC 3 Phase 220V / 2.5kW
Speed  150~250bpm
• Container:
Diameter  ø35mm~ø125mm
Height  320mm max
Material  Glass,Metal,Plastic
Shape  Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular
• Sleeve:
Material  PVC、PET、OPS
Thickness  0.035mm~0.08mm
Length  250mm max
Drum diameter  5"~10"inch
※Production speed refer to the sleeve length 80mm as standard

--Specification are subject to change without prior notice--

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